Will Speedypc pro speed up my computer?

To answer this question you have to understand what makes your computer slow in the first place. This will help you to assess whether Speedypc pro would actually make a difference to your slow computer.

So what makes a computer slow?

In two words, it’s your registry settings and possibly Malware. Ok, so let discuss the registry settings first.

Any program on your computer has its settings stored in windows, this is called the registry. The registry setting is where programmers set the paths of what gets stored in the memory of your computer for fast access and what gets stored on your hard drive as in data files or program files.

So when you install new games or programs etc, these paths are being set-up by the program installer application. However, the problem is, when you uninstall a game or an application, sometimes the paths do not get uninstalled properly. This is understandable really, because the makers of the programs would spend more time on the installation process, than uninstalling it. Which is why your computer can degrade in performance over a period of time.

Even though the program no longer exists, sometimes the registry settings remain and your computer thinks it needs to apportion memory to it, which means it uses up memory unnecessarily. You can imagine over time that this will become a huge problem as it continues to use up more and more memory.

However, programs like Speedypc pro detects where these problems are and fixes them, which means your pc’s memory is freed up. This is only one of many ways this program helps to speed up your computer.

The other way is detecting and getting rid of Malware.

Malware programs affect the performance of your computer much in the same way. What happens is that Malware gets downloaded unknowingly most of the time, either someone in your family installs a FREE game or FREE screen saver etc and in doing so installs Malware.

Malware then resides on your computer leeching computer resources. Most people don’t even know it is on their computer, however, Malware will hog valuable computer resources, both on your hard drive, but particularly in memory. It sits in the background most of the time, and to the untrained eye it remain anonymous.

Even if you know what to look for, it can still prove difficult when trying to get rid of it.

However, Speedypc pro can detect all Malware programs, and more importantly will uninstall them for you as well, freeing up all of your valuable computer resources.

So there you have it.

Since Speedypc pro can get rid of Malware and clean up your registry settings it will work for your computer.

However, if you are not sure it will speed up your computer, download it and try it out. After it has scanned your computer, it will show you if it has detected problems in your registry settings or whether you have got Malware leeching your computer resources.

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